Crisis turns up the heat on whatever is already occurring inside.

What we have grows in crisis.

This is why great marriages get stronger during the death of a child, whereas fractured marriages end.

When things are going great in our life, we pay little attention to our thinking…because there’s no reason to change our thoughts or feelings.

But crisis startles the brain, making it on high-alert for any signs of danger.

This helps us regain a sense of security and control.

We watch the news nonstop. We comb social media and the internet for the latest information (even if it isn’t factual!).

This makes us human.

And it is NOT helpful.

The more we look for evidence that reason exists to be afraid, the more we find it (and ignore anything that shows the opposite is true).

Crisis gives us an opportunity and a choice.

A chance to get quiet. To turn inward. And upward.

To see and hear what we may otherwise drown out.

It’s the best time to align your spirit with God’s.

To pray and meditate and journal what He’s saying and where He’s leading.

We gain clarity about what exactly is causing suffering in our life & world, and what He wants us to do about it.

Our circumstances and our thoughts about them are NOT the same things.

Our thoughts are not like God’s thoughts, and our ways are not His ways.

People often say, “I can’t handle one more thing.”

We’ve somehow gotten the idea that we have an infinite ability to thrive, but a limited ability to withstand emotional pain or suffering.

The truth is that with God, we have an infinite capacity not only for suffering but also for resilience, strength, and redemption that God can provide through crisis.

I know you’re tired, friends.  There’s an abundance of pain all around us today.

But there’s also hope and strength and resilience.

And a Father who loves you and wants to grow His relationship with you and teach you something in the midst of it all.

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