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Rising Soul Membership
Here's what you get!

A new topic every month

Each month, you'll get a video, worksheets, and supporting resources to APPLY everything you're learning, so you see growth and change. Examples of topics include, money, organization, time management, "buffering" (AKA "self medicating" or avoiding), goals....and so much more! These are subject to change based on feedback from YOU!


Watch and re-watch each video (and all prior months that you were part of ) as many times as you want.


You'll get tools and resources to use daily (or as often as you choose) as a guide through transformation.

Ongoing Growth

New master classes will continue to be released even after your first year so you continue to grow and evolve in all areas of your life. We'll keep taking it to the next level! 

Access to your coach

Email your thought models, questions and "sticking points" to me in between modules to get the most out of your membership! I'll reply with some questions and "optional" thoughts to get you unstuck so you continue to build on your momentum! If it's something everyone would benefit from, I'll share the Q&A anonymously in the group so we all rise together.

Rise & Shine

A brief, impactful video (via Marco Polo), waits for you each morning, so you can rise all day long! Listen with a journal nearby, or while prepping for the day! I'll share whatever God puts on my heart: a devotional and/or lesson to ponder & apply.

Doors open quarterly

You can cancel anytime.  (But you won’t want to!)

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