You’ve got big dreams for a full life.
You’ve got big dreams for a full life.
(In fact, you just might have questioned
if addiction to day planners & podcasts is a thing)
And while you recognize that God wouldn’t have given you this dreamer’s heart if he didn’t want you to USE it, there are still times you question how.

–> Do you keep trying to figure it out on your own?

(If only there were conferences still held during COVID!)

–> Juggle Bible Studies, prayer groups, and subscribe to newsletters, hoping to get it all together?

–> Maybe if you could just find a counselor who’s not so counselor-ish

 (after all, you’re functioning!  Just not “thriving.”)

You want to continue to grow, but you feel behind.
The answers are out there, but you’re just not applying them.

Live the abundant life you were created for

…by aligning your faith in Christ with all you do.

Come rise with us!

Rising Soul
Monthly Membership

Spiritual & mental health are emphasized throughout modules and lessons, regardless of the topic we’re applying to our lives. Examples of topics include: time management, prosperity for purpose, organizing your mind and home, setting & achieving goals….and so much more. We’ll add layers to prior learning too, because this process of becoming more like Jesus and closer to Him is an ongoing journey in this life!


Rising Soul Membership for me has been about a gathering of Christian Women seeking and pursuing the life God has called us to live. Identifying the things that hinder our growth and finding our value in who God says we are; in Rising Soul we are able to accomplish so much more together. With meaningful assignments, group coaching sessions, live office hours, Shanen offers a variety of personal growth content that is rooted both in the Bible and in neuroscience. I am so happy to be a part of the Rising Soul!

Wendi L
August 2020

Shanen is gifted as a life coach. She knows how to ask the right questions and has a great balance of listening carefully, seeing patterns in what you say and sensitively communicating insights. She is a Christian life coach but is so sensitive to what you personally believe, and communicates in an open-minded and inquisitive way. I also became part of the Rising Soul membership. Shanen over- delivers both with content and support. If you want to gain a deeper insight into yourself and love learning about the mind, thinking with understanding from the Bible, this could be transforming for you.

July 2020

Here's what you get!

weekly Lessons

You'll get videos, worksheets, and resources to APPLY everything you're learning, so you see ongoing growth & change. You'll evolve in all areas of your life as we keep taking it to the next level.


Watch and re-watch each video (and all prior months that you were part of ) as many times as you want.

Rise & Shine

Brief, impactful videos on Instagram or Facebook help you deepen your learning, so you can rise all day long! Listen with a journal nearby, or while going about your day!

Weelky Group coaching

Attend our weekly "Office Hour" via Zoom to get questions answered, encourage each other, and even get coached live if you'd like!

Rise Tribe

If you choose this free resource, you'll get ongoing support, accountability and encouragement from other rising souls. We rise best when we rise together!


You'll get access to my list of favorite books and supportive resources to guide your transformation.

No worries! Office Hour sessions are recorded and will be posted within the Rising Soul membership site afterwards so you can watch them whenever it’s convenient for you.

Everyone is welcome here!  My teaching and perspective is deeply rooted in Christ and the Christian faith, so you’ll see that consistently throughout my content.  Not everyone who works with me is Christian though, and they still benefit from the content taught in Rising Soul.

Each member of Rising Soul gets to decide if they want to apply the content on their own, or actively within the group setting.  You’ll gain from the content regardless of what you decide.  Members who want to get coached within the group Office Hours can submit their questions or requests ahead of time.  If I see you on the call, I’ll interact with you directly.

On the other hand, if you’re a bit shy or private, you can still get your questions answered by submitting them “anonymously.” While I will know who sent it in, I won’t divulge that on the call or interact with you there. (Obviously, it’s always possible someone in the group may “guess” who submitted a question, but I’d encourage you to consider how much energy to spend on that possibility.).

For an additional fee (at a special rate for Rising Soul members), you can schedule an individual coaching session with me as well.

This is your membership, so the amount of time you commit and how you commit to is completely up to you!

Some choose to “do the work” on their own– by watching the videos & completing the exercises without ever joining live calls or interacting with the group. This is completely acceptable and you’re welcome to “step in” to the live coaching and interaction at any time.

I also teach in multiple formats so you can learn in the way that suits you best! Think of it like I’m inviting you over for a buffet each month. There’s something for everyone! Taste whatever appeals to you and skip the rest.

Enrollment opens quarterly for a breif time, so if you miss the window, you’ll want to join the wait list so you don’t miss out again!

With that said, there’s no benefit of starting at the beginning of the year.  Your first month you’ll learn The Model that is foundational in our work together so you can immediately begin applying it to your life and seeing the benefits!  You’ll get immediate access to the Tribe and weekly live Office Hour calls where you can get coached and get questions answered.  There’s no such thing as being “behind” in this group!

Choose the payment cycle that works for you~ monthly or annually (which includes one month free!)  Payments renew automatically, but you can cancel any time. (You have complete access and control of your membership subscription by logging in.)  No further payments will be charged after you cancel.  You keep access to all prior paid months for as long as you remain a member, so you can revisit the Modules as often as you’d like.