Broken Dreams (When God Says No)

I’m currently mourning the loss of a dream that was steeped in prayer for 6 months. So, when it recently came to an abrupt stop, I was hurt and confused. The path to dreaming big and stepping into your calling isn’t always clear-cut and is seldom easy. But if we’re dedicated to this work, we’re sure to get it wrong at times. So, what does it mean when your dreams are broken or God says no?

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Unconditional Joy

You’ve heard of unconditional love…but what about unconditional joy? It’s available to us all, yet not everyone will experience it. This life is full of highs and lows, which is actually a beautiful thing. But for many, joy comes only with the peaks and disappears in the valleys. Thankfully, joy exists even in the depths. You just have to know how to tap into it. I’ll show you how.

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What My Dogs Taught Me About God

I recently saw an amazing product on television that sent me running to Amazon! This not-so-new (or rare!) dog-spying cameral equipped with video, audio, and a treat-tosser caught my attention and got me pondering about something rather unexpected. In the week that followed, I realized just how much my dogs have taught me about our relationship with God.

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2 Things Maria Kondo Won’t Teach You

Last Saturday morning, I poured my coffee, put on some great 80s tunes, and attacked a project I’ve been putting off for years. (As in, my entire life thus far.) It took eight hours to go through all of my books and downsized my library. I started with a trick from Marie Kondo (master organizer extraordinaire), and along the process, I learned two things that you WON’T learn from her…

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Mental Clutter & Overload

The human brain thinks 12,000-60,000 thoughts per day. If we don’t do something to declutter on a regular basis, the brain can start to slow down and be less efficient. We all have our limits. This is true of computers, hard-drives, and our brain! This week look at cognitive load, how to lighten it and why doing so is imperative if we want to run on all cylinders.

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Grace or Enabling? (The 1 Thing That Makes all the Difference)

The entire Christian faith is built on the concept of grace, mercy and forgiveness. And if we are followers of Christ then, we all strive to emulate Him. We also know though, that we are called to speak the truth in love, and to steward our blessings well.

You can see, then, why the lines between grace and enabling becomes so blurred and complicated!

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3 Habits to 3X Your Contribution

Some of the most challenging changes to make to our workflow and regular tasks are also the steps that can bring us closest to our goals. (Without us showing up at the finish line panting, exhausted, and out of breath!)

In this article, we examine how seeking wise counsel, delegating tasks to others, and mentoring lead to a win-win solution that goes well beyond financial gain!

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Discipline (It’s not a bad word)

Somewhere along the years, the word “discipline” has joined ranks of offensive words. If you look up the definition online, it’s now associated with punishment, controlling others, and even abuse. But discipline has been around since the beginning of time and is listed throughout the Bible as something that benefits us and helps us to grow.

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3 Ways to Improve the Odds of Reaching Your Goals

And as Miss Stacey from Anne of Green Gables said, “Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes.”

But apparently, not everyone is quite ready to jump on board and set New Year Resolutions for the year ahead. 2020 asked an unexpected question: “Why bother setting goals at all?”

I can understand the reluctancy to plan for the year ahead! But those who have scrapped the process of making resolutions and goals for 2021 because of this past year, are forgetting something important:

There’s a difference between
making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals.

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The Difference Between Optimism & Hope

I’m in the business of hope and optimism. Sometimes I help client’s gain hope by helping them change their perspective. Sometimes I hold hope for them until they’re able and ready to hold it on their own.
My ability to hold hope and to see the silver lining (or at least the “light at the end of the tunnel” is not because I have never experienced hard times. I’m human. And as I say, no one escapes this life unwounded. In fact, I would argue that a person’s ability to have an optimistic perspective is not despite hard times, but because of them.

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