Finding Peace When You’re in the Storm

I’m in a storm right now.  Of all the troubling circumstances I’ve experienced in life, the ones that are sure to bring out a fight against reality involve my kids.  I storm Heaven with my prayers, release “what is” to God, and then continue a cycle of surrendering and repossessing my worry to/from God until it seems resolved.


I’m a life coach. 

And a therapist.

And every ounce human.

This is part of the human experience.

We get to choose daily to lean on us or God.

Yesterday, I finished reading Sarah Bessey’s book Jesus Feminist. In it, she spoke of the old testament Hebrew word, shalom, and said:

“God’s shalom is complete peace: wholeness, health, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony. This peace is found in Christ and his Kingdom.” 

These things are all true. And (because of the context she was speaking within) they miss the fact that the soundness exists even in the absence of all these other things listed.  We have shalom (peace) when we have the Trinity of God, and when our life is aligned to Him, and we are also fully aligned with Him spiritually, physically, and mentally. 

This reminds me of a favorite Gandhi quote that hangs in my office: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”  And yet, even “happiness” does not quite fit.  I am not “happy” when one of my children is struggling.  Nor do I want to be.  I want more than just happiness.  So forgive my audacity for a moment if I try to improve on the words of such a wise man, and say it differently:

Peace is a feeling. And we know that feelings are created by our thoughts.

When I think “This is so hard”, I feel dismayed.

When I think “He/she is hurting so much.” I feel hurt to

Even though these thoughts may seem true, focusing on them does not lead to peace.  Instead, I can choose to remind myself of the thoughts/beliefs that do.

God is faithful and just.

He’ll never leave or forsake them.

He loves my kids even more than I do.

He’s working all things together for good.

When I think these thoughts, I find peace.  Sure, it takes practice. There are times I start by thinking, “I’m working on believing that God is in control of even this. I frequently approach Him with the request, “Lord, help me trust/believe/know that….”  And He does.  I wish shalom for you too, my friend!  It’s available to you now.  Even in “this“.

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