Get Comfortable with Discomfort

When I greet my coaching friends and ask how they’ve been, I often get a response I only get from them: “Great! Really uncomfortable.”

Then we laugh and go on to talk about all the risks we’ve been taking in our lives.  Because personal growth takes spending a lot of time beyond the edge of our comfort zones.

It’s okay though.

I know God’s goal is bigger than comfort.

It involves stretching, risking, evolving, trusting, and a lot of other unsettling verbs.

Because (go figure) God’s plans are God-sized.

They’re supposed to be hard. (*wink*)

No mistake.  All by design.

Discomfort is the currency of the work He wants to do in and through you.

Believe me, the journey is well worth the cost!

I’m not a numbers girl, but here’s some math I know well:

fear + action = courage

struggle + action = strength

Struggling in school as a kid provided plenty of both.  As my confidence was torn down, it was replaced with resilience…which I needed decades later when I started graduate school in my 30s.  I was terrified and did it anyway. 

That risk of following God’s lead got me where I am today: in a career I love, helping women live their purpose and create the lives they were created for.  I can assure you the journey here did not feel comfy!

It taught me another equation:

Discomfort ≠ “I can’t”

Discomfort comes in many indulgent flavors: confusion, overwhelm, fear, doubt… 
It’s not the flavor that matters, but what we make it mean.

The brain reports: “This is a terrible idea.  We should quit… or snack…or check Facebook.  For sure that would feel better!”

It can’t see that fear during transformation might just mean you’re on the right path.

When allowed to lead, these thoughts and emotions will keep you from the amazing opportunities God has for you.

So if you’re listening to His whispers and dreams (perhaps beyond your capabilities), expect to feel uncomfortable.  
Allow all the feelings that come when He’s stretching & shaping you into greater things.  

God’s got you, girl.

And you’re right where He wants you.


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