Are Passion and Purpose Anti-Christian?

If you know me at all, you know that one thing that gets me fired up is people making blanket statements declaring something “evil” that God meant for good.

This week, I saw two different sources proclaim that passion is “rooted in evil”, and “an idol that needs to be torn down”.



As in, The Passion of the Christ?

Wait a minute….I’m pretty sure Jesus himself was passionate.

He had a passion for His Father, and for His purpose.

To seek, save and love people.

He was so passionate that he died for his purpose.

“Passion” and “Purpose” are often used interchangeably.

And the Bible has plenty to say about our purpose!

All things can be used for good or evil. 

I’ve worked with clients who’ve had the Bible itself used to abuse & manipulate them.

Our passions and purposes only become bad when they contradict God’s, or when we give our whole heart to them –including the parts that belong to Him.  (Like our identity, security, and peace.)

If your purpose is to love littles as a stay at home mom, beautiful! By doing it, you honor God.

But if being Mrs. Brady is all you are, it’s time to step back and remember whose you are!

If your purpose is raising a ton of money to aid missionaries, non-profits, and organizations, you can rest knowing that God is smiling as He watches you work.  But if you feel more or less secure based on your income, you’ve fallen into the trap of trusting in your resource instead of its source!

God creates everything on purpose and for a purpose.

So before we make damning statements that create fear &  division, let’s get specific about what we mean.

“Living on purpose with passion means we’re intentionally living the lives we were created for.

Peace comes when what we think, say, and do all align with God’s heart.

When we put God in the center, we can step out in faith, boldly following His lead.

Some of us are blessed with a deep “knowing” of how to use our gifts & passion.

But that assurance isn’t required to impact the world or live out your purpose.

You can smile & make eye contact with people who feel invisible.

Stop what you’re doing to sit with a hurting friend.

Hold the door for a stranger.

Or just hold your tongue.


Don’t be ashamed of your purpose.

It’s not something to fear or hide.

The only approval you need is that of the One who gave them to you in the first place!

Love God.

Live on purpose (with passion)!

Feel a little lost?

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