With a master’s degree in counseling and 10+ years of experience in the mental health field, I’m certain I can help you create and live the life you were created for. 


Don’t worry, girl. 

You’re in good hands!

Whether you're here to
>>feel better or >>live BIGGER,
the Bible & neuroscience both say to start in the same place!
"Be transformed through the renewing of your mind."
But what does that even mean?!
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God gave you dreams; let's make them reality

  • Do you question who you are or wonder what your purpose is?
  • Do you have dreams of bigger things?
  • Feeling bored, knowing you were created for something more?
  • Are you great at setting goals, but not at achieving them?
  • Stuck in self-doubt, confusion or overwhelm?
  • Or maybe you’re sick of listening to those old records in your head that say you’re not enough or not good enough. 

We weren’t created to compartmentalize who we are as Christians.

So how do we live authentically, while pursuing our goals & dreams?

I’ll help you get there!

Why work with me?

As a certified life coach with a master’s degree in counseling, I offer a unique approach to understanding how to vet, set and get goals achieved. I use: 

"Shanen is a kind coach and easy to talk to. She takes old narratives and gives life-giving perspectives to them, helping women fully realize themselves through God."
Jen G
Full-time Mom, Wife, Superhero
My heart feels like it will burst because I’ve finally found the underlying cause of my attitude, but equally important, I now have a tool to guide and correct my thinking. Together with your keen sense of coaching, these things have enabled me to move forward in a healthy manner to live life!
Brenda S
Author, Retired High School Teacher
Shanen has helped me more than I can begin to express. Her skill, insight, and most importantly, her faith allowed me to work through some tough issues and see things from a different perspective when needed. She does God’s work every day; there is no doubt she is His instrument.
Lynn R
Special Education
I sought coaching in hopes of finding relief from years of battling professional doubt and insecurity. She showed me where my thoughts were skewed based on previous experiences and assumptions. For the first time, I was able to see how my thoughts were sabotaging me. Shanen helped me approach my thinking in an objective way, which led to more productive actions and better results. I began feeling better and more confident after just one session, and quickly began catching myself when I fell into old habits of making assumptions that don’t serve me. My old ways of thinking no longer have the same power over me. Shanen’s lessons have been invaluable and I highly recommend her as a personal coach!
Tammy O
Human Resources Manager
Thank you for the gift of coaching with you. It came at a good time in my life as I moved in a positive direction and reinforced that and gave me the tools I needed. Your program helped me articulate my struggles and goals aloud, process the concept of circumstances being neutral, and recognize how much I need to work on changing my thought patterns. I am thankful for the resources you’ve provided.
Elizabeth M
Student and Nurse
Working with Shanen has completely up-leveled me as a person. I was trying to self-coach but was coming up against so much negative self-talk that I just couldn’t overcome on my own. She helped me see that I have choices regarding my job in order to decrease my overwhelm, and also helped me figure out a plan to start my own business. Shanen’s helped me find the positive in my job rather than stressing and focusing on when I can quit. I am so glad I am working with her to learn how to change my thoughts. She is truly helping me to change my life!
Jodi Blank
Transformational & Success Coach
When I started working with Shanen a year ago, I needed help sorting out my thoughts/feelings with my professional career. She listened and asked great questions which helped me realize what I truly wanted, how to make peace with my current situation if I chose to stay, and how to create a plan to start my own business if I chose to leave. She helped me evaluate my thoughts so that I would be happy with either decision. My dreams and professional goals are coming true and I made peace knowing that I’m doing the right thing. I’m very grateful for Shanen’s positive attitude and how she keeps it real. I’m excited for the next chapter in my professional life and I know Shanen will be in it as well.
Rachel B

Live the life you were created for:

  • the one where He’s at the center
  • where you’re confident in who you are
  • living abundantly
  • honoring Him by pursuing the dreams & goals He’s given you.

You’ve been searching for a way to grow and stretch.

You’ve applied tools from other coaches and you “geek-out” on podcasts.

…but you feel a bit like Goldilocks searching for the right fit.

On the one hand, you’re tired of being judged by other Christians for having a strong drive toward your goals.

But you also don’t want to be led astray or fall into the trap of making them your idols.

(After all “what good is it if you gain the whole world and lose your soul?”)

I’ll take you through the process of goal vetting, setting & getting so you can be sure you’re on the right path.

You have everything you need.

This is exactly what you were created for.

Love God. Bless others. Live on purpose.

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So what are you waiting for?

Let’s meet over coffee and Zoom to discuss your goals and how to get there.  There are two ways to work with me: individually, or within Rising Soul.  Let’s hop on a call and discuss which one would fit you better.