As a kid, I hated the phrase “because I said so”. I’m a words girl, so I wanted more words than that.As a parent I know it’s good when kids ask questions because it helps them learn reasoning, and strengthens the relationship between parent & child.  But I also understand now that “Because I said so” is sometimes shorthand for:”Because you’re not ready for the whole explanation” -or-“Because I’ve got a better plan” -or-“For Heaven’s sake, girl.  Just once can you do what I say without asking why?!” I don’t love my kids more when they obey me or less when they don’t. And there have been times when I saw their obedience as an act of love on their part-When they did something “because I said so” and trusted me enough to know that I want what’s best for them. I don’t always understand why God wants me to do the things He calls me to or places on my heart.But God is a words God and He often speaks to me through both His living word and the words of others. I recognize there are still times when I resist His words and calling in my life. I see in hind-sight how that hesitation has cost me opportunities.Because when God gives us dreams, we’re called to live on purpose. I’ve gotten better at hearing His voice and sensing His direction.I’ve become grateful for the times He only let me see the next stone on the path-When I wasn’t ready to know or see the whole map.I see how our relationship is strengthened when I bring questions to Him rather than relying fully on myself. I’m still learning to stop asking so many questions and start obeying simply because I trust His heart.I do well until a circumstance feels negative. Until this tricky human brain says “something’s gone wrong”.It’s a constant process of catch and release.Catching my thoughts and judgments about how this world “should” beand releasing them to the Creator of it all.

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