Hi, I'm Shanen.

I help Christian women obsessed with personal growth, love counseling so much they’d stay in it forever, and have big juicy dreams but are worried about how to pursue them AND Jesus.

If this is you…I got you.


I’m a certified life coach, therapist, entrepreneur, wife and mom. 

Dream caster, goal getter, and above all, a Jesus girl.

I have the honor of helping women like you live on purpose: in close relationship with God, managing and expanding the gifts you’ve been given (time, energy, finances, talents) to live a joy-filled life while you’re fully content while pursuing your goals and impacting the world around you.

“Shanen is a kind coach and easy to talk to. She takes old narratives and gives life-giving perspectives to them, helping women fully realize themselves through God.”

Jen G~ Full-time Mom, Wife, Superhero

“My heart feels like it will burst because I’ve finally found the underlying cause of my attitude, but equally important, I now have a tool to guide and correct my thinking. Together with your keen sense of coaching, these things have enabled me to move forward in a healthy manner to live life!”

Brenda S~Author, Retired High School Teacher

“Shanen has helped me more than I can begin to express. Her skill, insight, and most importantly, her faith allowed me to work through some tough issues and see things from a different perspective when needed. She does God’s work every day; there is no doubt she is His instrument.”

Lynn R~Special Education Teacher

“I sought coaching in hopes of finding relief from years of battling professional doubt and insecurity. She showed me where my thoughts were skewed based on previous experiences and assumptions. For the first time, I was able to see how my thoughts were sabotaging me. Shanen helped me approach my thinking in an objective way, which led to more productive actions and better results. I began feeling better and more confident after just one session, and quickly began catching myself when I fell into old habits of making assumptions that don’t serve me. My old ways of thinking no longer have the same power over me. Shanen’s lessons have been invaluable and I highly recommend her as a personal coach!”

Tammy O~ Human Resources Manager