If you’ve been looking for a meaningful gift that will outlast your tree, you’ve found it. 

And she’s going to love it!




Bite-Sized Lessons to Apply today

She’ll get videos, worksheets, and resources to APPLY everything she learns, so she sees ongoing growth & change.  Each lesson includes videos, handouts, and insightful worksheets to help her apply the lessons to her own life and practice new tools all month.


Being coached can be a powerful opportunity to find our blindspots and create new awareness. When she volunteers to be coached during Office Hour, she’ll get a private link to re-watch it again to fully absorb and apply the insights she gained.


She’ll get access to my list of favorite books and supportive resources to guide her transformation.

Two Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Attend our live “Office Hour” via Zoom to get coached on whatever topic she’d like!  She’ll get answers, encouragement, and direction. With any time remaining, we’ll dig into a focus area to share personal application and new awarenesses.

Rise Tribe

If she chooses this free Marco Polo channel, she’ll get ongoing support in between coaching calls, accountability, and encouragement from other rising souls. We rise best when we rise together!

My membership started as a gift

“Thank you for the opportunity to share Rising Soul with my friends and family. My membership started as a gift from a dear friend who knew I was struggling with everything life was throwing at me. A year later, I’m still here! Attending the Office Hours and doing the monthly material has brought so much to my life. I struggle with the idea of failure and that I am not equipped to do the things that are on my heart. In the past year, I have grown so much. It’s so hard for me to put into words all you have done for me. It’s amazing what life can be like when you are actually living and not just going through the motions. My mindset is so much better thanks to you! I hear friends talking about their struggles and immediately I think of you and Rising Soul. Giving a gift that continues to fill their cup mentally and spiritually, encourage them, inspire them, and challenge them to look and process things differently, there is no better gift.”

Lisa Neely-Hill , Down With Mylestones



When Jesus is at the center, your life is abundant & blesses others!

Because of this, spirituality is interwoven throughout all pillars and modules.

Growing closer to God & Welcoming Him into every area brings peace & freedom!


Your thoughts affect how you feel & act, and the results you create in your life.

Topics include:

  • Managing your thoughts and emotions.
  • Facing difficult circumstances
  • Goal vetting, setting, & getting
  • Self-sabotage
  • Confidence


Your relationships start with your thoughts about others.

Topics include:

  • Unconditional love
  • Boundaries
  • Expectations
  • Relationship with God
  • Relationship with others
  • Relationship with you


When focused on the Provider, you worry less about your provisions, leading you to better steward all that you’re given.

Topics include:

  • Gifts & Talents
  • Managing Time
  • Contribution
  • Finances
  • Energy
  • Health

Rather than giving a gift that she may never use…

Give her what she really wants:  ongoing growth & development in all areas of her life, while staying deeply rooted in her faith.

One Month Access


You’d be surprised what can be accomplished in just one month of focused mind and soul!

She’ll get access to everything for one month and can choose whether she focuses on the Foundations or adds another area of focus.

Three Month Access


Have a little more budgeted for her gift? Three months will give plenty of time to apply all the Foundations, work through another area of her choice, and time to work through the monthly focus that we’re all growing in together.

 One Year Access



Imagine how much growth she’ll experience in her life when you gift her with the ability to go “all in” for a full year!

Your generosity is rewarded with a FREE month with this option.

Be sure to click the “Is this a gift?” box when selecting the 1-month or 1-year options.


She's not Christian. Will that matter?

Everyone is welcome here!  My teaching and perspective is deeply rooted in Jesus and the (non-LDS) Christian faith, so you’ll see that consistently throughout my content.  Not everyone who works with me is Christian though, and they still benefit from the content taught in Rising Soul.

What happens when I purchase her gift?

Once your purchase is complete (be sure to check the gift box), you’ll receive a receipt via email and she’ll get a Welcome email with everything she’ll need to get the most out of her gift, including how to create her username and password.

How does the payment work?

You’ll check the box that indicates this is a gift (not necessary for the 3-month option, as this is only available as a gift.)  You’ll enter your credit card to be charged immediately. No need to cancel at the end of the time period purchased. (This is a one-time charge. No extra action needed!)

If she chooses to stay with us after the gift ends, she’ll enter her own credit card information to continue her membership. There is no further connection to your purchase.

How do I surprise her?

If you don’t want her to get a notification yet, I recommend purchasing the gift after she opens her gift. That way, the email won’t spoil the surprise. Want a gift certificate to wrap for her?  Click here and print it today.

What happens when the gift ends?

At the end of the gift period, the person you gifted will get an email thanking her for the time we’ve shared together and offered an opportunity to stay and continue if she does not want to leave. If she chooses to be done, she’ll lose access to the membership. If she chooses to continue, she’ll retain all access.

I have a question that you didn't answer. How can I connect with you?

Please feel free to email me! I’ll get back to you ASAP so you can choose the best gift for her. Email me at Shanen@risecoaching.life

When you gift someone with Rising Soul, here’s what you’re really giving her:     

  • Immediate access to the Foundations that will help her “hold her thoughts captive” so she sees changes in her life mentally, spiritually, and emotionally right away.
  • A coach who is invested in her growth and willing to meet her where she’s at, so she can move in the direction God is calling her.
  • A group of people to cheer her on, reassure her, and help her see that we all have so much in common and can learn from each other and grow together. (Note that not all members of Rising Soul elect to interact in the group setting. Consider it a buffet offering all the best to meet a variety of tastes. She can pick and choose what’s best for her!)
  • She’ll learn a tool to help her reframe any problem so that she can find peace regardless of her circumstances.
  • In Rising Soul, we’re determined to find contentment with where God has us, while bravely pursuing the dreams He’s placed in our hearts….all while keeping Him at the center of it all.

At the end of her membership, she’ll have the option of staying on (and the large majority do!), because after seeing the changes she’s made in just that time…she’s not going to want to leave.

To be a Confident, Joy-filled Woman living an abundant life,
she needs a program that gives her bite-sized, applicable steps to apply and build on,

with support & encouragement all the way through the process.

Choose the gift that fits your budget: