Hey, Coach!

You’re devoted to helping others.

You care deeply about both your clients, and the coaching profession. 

You’ve seen how coaching has helped thousands and want to be the best you can be at what you do, 

so you can get to work and help your clients achieve their goals too!

With a master's degree in counseling and 10+ years of experience in the mental health field, I'm confident that I can help you wade through the waters of coaching vs. counseling. Here are just a few topics that I can help you with:
I'm passionate about helping coaches do their best work while practicing within their scope of training as life coaches.  Because of this, I offer consultations in 15-minute increments (for your "quick questions") as well as at a discounted, hourly rate for more extensive discussions. 
Please note that I am not a lawyer and the consultations I offer are in no way meant to replace seeking legal consultation. You are responsible for researching the laws in your state/location. These vary greatly by location and change frequently.

Get in touch...

Looking for an estimate of how much time we’ll need together? Shoot me a brief description of what you’re looking for clarification on and I’ll give you my best estimate. 

2-Steps Easy Scheduling

1. Schedule your appointment 

2. Complete payment, using these options: 

15 Minutes ($47): This is a paid consultation for Life Coaches who would like to consult on one of their clients –typically to help determine whether a counseling referral is needed. This type of consultation generally takes less than 15 minutes, but you can extend the session (at a reduced rate) if more time is needed. 

1-Hour ($147): This is a consultation session for Life Coaches, typically regarding their niche, a specific client, or how to best ensure that they are operating within the scope of coaching rather than counseling.